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Winemakers Night – Nico Espenschied


What was the craziest thing you tried about making wine?

Certainly the 16 Red Shower PETNAT. Not that I would lack experience in sparkling wine or mash fermentation, but this idea was quite crazy: Just made many white petnats and I decided from my gut feeling that I will try to make a red!  What happens to it? Turned out to be a young fresh red wine with co2 and acidity without wood ripeness, blood-red with lots of mud and yeast and that is a champagne bottle with a pressure of 8 bar! That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen! It looked worse than in the butchers!

What do you do differently from everyone else?

First of all: the wheel in viticulture is not reinvented! And fortunately there are many great colleagues with the hottest stuff, who think back to the pure craft and question what the food chemistry or agriculture business has actually brought us… So you have to ask what I actually do not do: no enrichment, deacidification, no fining agents or stabilizers, no yeast addition.  Only if necessary filtered (not sharp) and sulphured.

Why wine and not liquor?

After my first Rock am Ring music festival (at 16 years old), I decided relatively fast to stop with drinks with more than 15% alcohol, but so that life really does not become too boring, I also started to brew beer. 

What has been your best wine experience so far?

Private party with the best woman in the world high up on the roof of Claus Preisinger with breathtaking views over the lake. I’m just saying: Love peace and happiness…

How would you describe the changes in viticulture over the past 10 years?

The whole world of wine has never grown so close together! The nice thing is that there are more positive moments, but unfortunately the negative ones have already happened. 

4, 5, 6 glasses of wine and you…?

And I’m eager to get the next great bottle out of my treasure chamber!

Fortunately, there’s enough of them!

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